Another Source of Support For Widows



Are those two things opposites?

I thought they were five years ago when my husband drowned. I so wanted to feel hope again, but the pain in my heart was too deep, and the loneliness and isolation I felt was too intense.

I didn’t know if there was a group of women anywhere who could understand what I was going through, and if there was, I didn’t know how to find them.

There is good news. A new group, Hope for Widows, has been formed, and their whole aim is to support widowed women as they work through their grief and try to find the support they need in this new, confusing, unwelcome role they now have.

To connect with them, request to join the Hope for Widows closed group on facebook. There you can share whatever it is you feel like – and you’ll find friends who truly understand.



Not opposites, but a vision coming to fruition, to support you in your journey through grief : Hope for Widows.  

Join us!

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