Goals – Specific AND Measurable

Last week I shared a tip from Tiffany Peterson, and in honor of the new year and new beginnings, I’m going to give you each of her 7 goal-setting tips, one at a time, for the next 6 posts. Tiffany mentored me a couple of years ago, and I have found these tips to be absolutely life-changing.

Today’s tip, number 2 on her list, was to have Specific, Measurable Goals. The subconscious mind needs specific targets, and we definitely want to enlist our subconscious mind to help, rather than hinder us. It can do either, and we get to choose which it does!

Tiffany referred to our reticular activating system (‘RAS’), located at the base of our neck. We can call it into action if we are specific about what we want. The RAS helps filter out all the extraneous activity going on around us so we can focus on what is most important. If we program our RAS with clear, specific goals, it can help us move toward our goals much more effectively.

Take the example from my last post. The goal read, ““I awaken each day and take three deep breaths, and picture in my mind one reason I am grateful to be alive. I feel peaceful as I greet the day.”

Do you see how it is very clear, specific, AND measurable?

What goals can you improve today by making them more specific and measurable?

If you’re struggling to word a goal to be most helpful, let me know and I’ll work through it with you! 

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