Help Through the Holidays

It’s early November! Cold winds are blowing here in Northern Utah, and already when you walk into the grocery store you see red and green decorations starting to crowd out the Thanksgiving displays.

What do you feel when you see it all? Are you dreading the holidays? Do they bring up painful memories of what used to be, what could have been, but what can never be again?

I’ve been there. For many years after my husband died, the holidays were the hardest time of year for me. Holiday parties that used to be a tradition for us were not even an option anymore. What would I do? Stand alone with a cup of punch in my trembling hand, trying to make conversation with the first person that walked by? I imagined it all, knowing I could never endure it. I figured the holidays would forever be something to dread and avoid as much as possible.

Until I learned a few things.

Now, I have found new ways to think at this time of year. I no longer dread November and December. This time of year has become a time I can even look forward to, because I have changed my perspective and my expectations.

Would you like to learn what I’ve learned? Would you like to be able to turn the calendar on October 31 without that shudder of panic?

Each year at this time I hold free calls to share what I’ve discovered, what others have found helpful, and to answer any questions you may have.    

I want to help you have an easier time this holiday season! If you want to join in, contact me!


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