Life is just full of surprises. If you are reading this website, it’s likely that at least one of those surprises was not a happy one. 

The day my husband drowned was one of those. And although its been almost 8 years since then, I can still remember the feeling of shock I felt when I realized he was gone.

Surprises are unexpected, unplanned for, and unanticipated. Gratefully, however, life holds some good surprises, too. 

Like yesterday.

For Thanksgiving, several of our children will be coming into town to join us for the day. Our daughter who has been attending her first semester of college away from us on the other side of the country was scheduled to fly into town late tonight, and for weeks we’ve been anticipating her arrival and planning who would pick her up, what we would do with her on the way home, etc. We’ve been sending texts back and forth counting down the days. 

But yesterday morning she showed up on the doorstep – and boy, was I shocked – and surprised! A change in flight plans (and some sneaky planning with siblings) allowed her to come 36 hours early, and you should have seen the rejoicing that created!

This week is a great time to take a moment to count the many things that are good in life, despite the challenges. I’ve started my list of things I’m grateful for, and this happy surprise will definitely be on that list! 

Have there been surprises in your life that lifted your heart, and helped you feel hope? Even a very small thing can help. Take a moment today to add to (or start!) your list of things you’re grateful for – and you may be surprised at how many you come up with!

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