What do you want?

Today I listened to one of my favorite people teach about getting what we really want. Tiffany Walke Peterson is an expert trainer, speaker and coach, helping people achieve exceptional results in their businesses and their lives. Today she taught how to get what we want, and her first suggestion was to have clarity.

She asked, “What do you want?” and spoke about how so often we think about, talk about, and are focused on our problems and the things that are going wrong in our lives. We seek solutions, but often that means that the problem consumes our every moment.

Instead, she suggested, we need to focus on what we want. Focus on the solution, on the ‘happy ending’, on the success and solution we hope to find.

To do so, Tiffany taught that we need to be crystal clear and detailed about what that is and what it will feel like.

I spoke recently with a woman who had lost a loved one, and who hated getting up in the morning. For her, that clarity might look like this: “I awaken each day and take three deep breaths, and picture in my mind one reason I am grateful to be alive. I feel peaceful as I greet the day.”

For one who is striving to build a relationship with a child, that clarity might be expressed in this way: “I take ten minutes each day when my child gets home to share a snack and a joke with him, and I listen attentively to whatever he will share with me.”

What do YOU want? Take a few minutes to put it in words, with great detail and clarity, and begin to focus on it. You might be surprised at the change it can make!

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