Another Source of Support For Widows

Widows. Hope. Are those two things opposites? I thought they were five years ago when my husband drowned. I so wanted to feel hope again, but the pain in my heart was too deep, and the loneliness and isolation I felt was too intense. I didn’t know if there was a group of women anywhereContinue reading “Another Source of Support For Widows”

God Answers Prayer – A Widow’s Perspective on Heavenly Help

Last night I knelt down to pray for help. I was exhausted and discouraged. Before I share this, I must admit that ever since my husband drowned, I have so often felt alone, and inadequate, and insufficient. I have often prayed, and I have seen bountiful evidence of God’s hand in my life. So oftenContinue reading “God Answers Prayer – A Widow’s Perspective on Heavenly Help”

Memorial Day – What Will You Remember?

Last Friday, I had the privilege of walking up the streets of Boston, following the famed Freedom Trail to Bunker Hill.  The imposing obelisk on top of that hill beckons visitors from all around, and as I approached, I saw in front of the obelisk the statue of Colonel Prescott (famous for leading his menContinue reading “Memorial Day – What Will You Remember?”