The Power of Grandmothers

 I’m a grandma of 11 grandsons and 9 granddaughters.

And I’ve been associated with Life Changing Services and Eternal Warriors for over a decade, so I know much of what the parents of my grandchildren are up against when it comes to keeping these youth safe in a corrupt world. 

 I have worked with enough families that I understand the grief and fear that strike the heart of a grandparent upon hearing that a grandchild may be struggling with pornography.  I understand the discomfort our generation feels even speaking the word ‘pornography’, let alone the reticence we feel about getting involved in discussions about it. 

But I have 3 messages for the grandmothers of this rising generation, straight from the scriptures. 

 1 : Fear not! 

“For God hath not given us the spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”*

When you hear that a loved one has been affected by pornography, rather than letting fear and despair fill your heart, (which is exactly the response Satan is hoping you will turn to) you must turn with all your heart to God, and plead for that power, and that love, and that sound mind. 

The best things we as grandparents can do are these: stand with power in our own faith in Christ and His gospel; love that child with all our heart; and determine to keep our minds focused on the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ that strengthens and redeems.

2 : Have Hope! 

We can never give up hope! No matter what happens, we must refuse despair, and hold fast to hope. Only when we maintain hope can we access the gift of the Holy Ghost, which can tell us “all things what ye should do.” **

Surely, we need that guidance now.

As Maurice Harker teaches in his insightful book, “Like Dragons Did They Fight”***, the fact that a child is struggling with pornography is not a sign of their weakness or sinfulness – it is a sign that Satan knows their great potential, and is doing all he can to stop them from fulfilling that potential. 

Believe in the goodness of that child, and in their potential to change the world for good, and when you are near that child, let that belief show in your eyes, in your words, and in all your actions. 

 3 : Join the fight! 

I have a dream of an army of grandmothers, joining together in faith in Christ, in knowledge and wisdom, praying for and showing love for and confidence in their grandchildren, and in the meantime, doing what they can personally to stem the tide of evil. 

I believe that our example of faith, and our joyful, intentional living can have great influence in the lives of these grandchildren. 

One of my stake presidents once said, “Grandparents have the stewardship and responsibility to leave a spiritual heritage for their grandchildren.” Our faith and steadfastness can build that heritage, and can be our gift to these children, who have to grow up surrounded by a culture of contention, confusion, evil and depravity. 

You have power as a grandmother! Let your faith in Christ show in all you do, but especially in your constant, unconditional love for those grandchildren. 

They need us now more than ever! 

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