“Mentoring helped me understand the grieving process so that I could finally move forward and find hope again.”

I offer two types of Mentoring: 

1)   Heartbreak to Healing Mentoring, specifically for those who are grieving the loss of a loved one or the loss of a lifelong dream (such as having gone through divorce or a significant life change), and

2)  Eternal Warriors Mentoring, to help you experience joy, freedom, and self-awareness through the power of self-mastery. Come to understand and overcome self-defeating behaviors. Increase your confidence, your understanding of your internal world, and create powerful and healthy relationships in every area of your life.

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Heartbreak to Healing Mentoring

Our culture does not prepare us for bereavement! Grief can be confusing, and unpredictable, and can last a long time. There are physical and emotional changes that occur when you experience a loss, and if you are unaware of those changes, and unsure how to deal with them, the grieving process can be especially painful and long-lived. 

Individual and Group Mentoring

Recharge Package

Three 60-minute appointments, held within the next six weeks. Perfect for if you need to brush up on your grief tools or work through minor issues. Book a free initial consultation here.

Grief & Healing Basics

Six 60-minute appointments. You will learn more about the process of grief (or the effect the D’s have on you,) discover beliefs and actions that may be holding you back and establish rhythms to improve your outlook and inner calm. Book a free initial consultation here.

Hopeful Habits Package

An in-depth mentoring program designed to truly change your outlook and life. Twelve 60-minute appointments. Discover blockers and learn powerful healing tools to help transform your outlook and find peace again. Book a free initial consultation here.

Group Mentoring

Online group mentoring provides interaction with others who understand the journey that you are on. 12 sessions, one-hour each, can bring greater understanding, healing, and hope. Book a free initial consultation here.

Working with Roslyn has changed my whole outlook on life. I’m a different person – I’m happier than I ever believed would be possible.

Find hope again.