Just Google It?

I was at WalMart yesterday, and as I approached the checkout stands I noticed crowds of young people in line to purchase drinks and food items. I realized it was almost noon and assumed they were all on lunch break from the high school across the street.

The students in front of me were speaking loudly, apparently discussing their scores on a test they’d just taken. One of them moaned that she hadn’t known “hardly any” of the answers for the test, and the young man next to her grinned, held up his cell phone and said, “I just googled it all. I didn’t know any of it!” They all laughed as they gathered their purchases and walked out.

I wondered how many times in life we let that happen. How many times when there’s a challenge to face do we take the easy way out, and miss the learning opportunity we could have had?

As I walked to the parking lot, I tried to think of the areas in my own life where I might be choosing not to fully invest, and to just get by, when instead I could be truly making strides toward that person I someday hope to be.  There were several things that came to mind, and it gave me something to ponder as I drove home.

I often refer to the scripture in Colossians 3:23, which reads, “And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord…”   Whatever task is before me, I can ask myself, if I were truly doing this to God, would I just ‘get by’? Or would I ask for His help, and then really dig in, doing my very best?

It takes work. And it takes time. But that effort changes me, and oh, how I need to change!

So, even though it sounds easier, and it may get me by for the time being, as I face challenges,

I think I won’t “just google it.” 

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