Missing Mom

I don’t know why – no real reason, but tonight, I’m missing my Mom. I sat down at the piano just to relax and play through a few Primary songs, and the sheet music to a song my brother wrote for her was in with the music I picked up. As I read through the words, I was reminded how much I want to be more like her. One phrase from his song especially struck me tonight: “…and if I’m like you, Mom, I’ll give my life away, I’ll freely give the gifts that God has given me. I’ll bless my family, I’ll serve my fellow man, I’ll make the world a better place to be.”

She did that for me. When we were children, many nights Mom would sit at the piano and play after we were in bed. The pieces were beautiful – she had studied at Juilliard, and could have been a concert pianist, but cut short that career to become a wife and mother. Listening to her as I lay there in bed, my heart would be calmed, my fears would dissolve, and I would feel safe and secure.

Yes, I’m missing her – but this feeling also gives me hope. I have hope that, little by little, as I try to give more like she did, I, too can bless those around me, and in some small way make the world a better place to be.

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