More on Cleansing Breaths

I talked two days ago about the three ‘cleansing breaths’ that my mentor taught me to take at the beginning of each mentoring session as I worked through my grief.

Today I want to share one more lesson she taught me from that technique. I learned that when we take charge of some of the usually-automatic physical processes of the body (like breathing) and consciously slow them down and focus on them, we are triggering the mind and body to ‘take note.”

We are in essence saying, “What’s coming is important. Listen! Pay attention!”

I can use those breaths now whenever I want to re-focus or wake up my mind for a task or a study session. It helps me settle into the activity with more complete attention – and I find I remember what I’ve heard or studied better afterwards, too.

There are so many things we can do to speed our progress. I am grateful for every idea I’ve been taught that helps me find clarity, healing, and peace. Hopefully they will help you, too! 

To your healing!

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