Seeking Light – With My Sisters

During the last hour of my Sunday church meetings, the women meet together in a sweet gathering of what is called The Relief Society. We call each other “Sister,” and as a group, we are trying to follow Christ’s example of service by bringing relief to the sisters around us. We open with a hymn and a prayer, and then our President or one of her counselors stands to make announcements, acknowledging those in our midst that need our help, and we plan ways to provide that help.

Then comes the lesson. Women in our neighborhood are given opportunities to serve as instructors, and taking their material from the scriptures and words of the prophets, they lead us in a discussion of the life of Jesus Christ and the principles He taught. We talk of His example, and how it helps us as we make our decisions, day by day, moment by moment.

Yesterday as I sat in our Relief Society meeting, I looked around the room as the instructor was putting a thought on the chalkboard. I saw so many examples of charity, the pure love of Christ. I saw a young mother with a squirming, fussing toddler, and watched as another mother reached into her diaper bag and offered a toy to the little child. One woman shared her thoughts with the group, becoming teary-eyed as she did so, and the woman sitting next to her put her arm around her shoulders and comforted her.

I watched as women listened intently to the instructor, and contributed their thoughts, questions and ideas. I felt the Spirit of God settle on the room as we discussed His Son, and as we honestly and openly, without judgment, listened to each other and shared our experiences of striving to live as He has asked us to.

I feel so blessed to have a place to go where I can be surrounded by sisters who are also striving to live in His way. I draw strength from mingling with them, and I am comforted as I hear them tell that they, too, struggle in the attempt to live these beautiful principles in a confusing, fallen world.

I am so very grateful for the knowledge that I have a Savior. I feel so in need of His power and His strength, His patience and His love as I try to overcome my weaknesses. Because of Him, it is getting easier, day by day and moment by moment, to clear out the darkness in my life and to let in His light. I pray for the day that His light* can shine completely, and purely through me.

(*John 1:9 “…the true Light, which lighteth every man that cometh into the world.”

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