Are you asking enough questions?

We received the book Snow Rising by Matt Baldwin for Christmas.  I’ve only just begun reading, but he has already brought up a point I needed to be reminded of.

One character, Clara, describes how much she likes questions because they lead her to knowledge that she wasn’t even aware she didn’t have. She shares that the more questions we ask, the greater our knowledge base becomes, and says,

“It may be true that you know more today than you did yesterday, but with this new knowledge, you’ve become aware of many new questions. You’ve gained one new answer and ten new questions, and it’s now your responsibility – your joy, really – to explore the possible answers to these new questions.”

The right knowledge can heal. And nurturing curiosity and asking questions can help us to turn our attention from our problems to something new and, as Clara says, help us feel joy, if even for a short time.

I’ve found that to be true. The more I ask, the deeper understanding I gain – and the better life gets.

Are you asking enough questions?

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