Can you See It?

Tiffany Peterson’s third tip for effective goal-setting is my favorite. In fact, she says if she could only pick one thing to incorporate, it would be this one: Visualization.

She suggests imagining, thinking about and talking about your goals as if they’ve already happened. Picture what you want to achieve, and then describe it as if it is already in place. Continue to picture it in your mind frequently throughout the day.

Let’s use my example from the previous two posts, “I awaken each day and take three deep breaths, and picture in my mind one reason I am grateful to be alive. I feel peaceful as I greet the day.”

That meets all the criteria so far – it’s clear, it’s specific, and it’s measurable. Now let’s add visualization. The person with this goal could picture, with every possible detail, awakening in the morning. She’d imagine opening her eyes, with a smile on her lips, and stretching, and taking three slow, deep breaths. She could imagine what the sheets feel like on her skin, how her head feels in the pillow, and the relaxation she would feel each time she’d exhale. She could think of the gratitude she’d feel as she thought of a reason she was happy to be alive, and she would imagine herself lying there filled with peace as she took a last moment before getting out of bed.

This visualization can happen many times throughout the day. Repeating the words of the goal, and then imagining it in as many details as possible makes it easier for the subconscious to focus on it, and to help your mind create a plan to bring it to pass.

What do you want? Can you see it? Try visualizing it today – and see what happens!

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