Want to Reach Your Goal? Act “As If”

Today we’ll discuss the fourth of the goal-setting tips from Tiffany Peterson.

This tip to act “as if.” Behave in the way you would act if you were already in the position you hope to be in. Tiffany asks, “How would you talk, act, speak, think, dress, etc if you had already achieved your goal?

We’ve been using for an example the woman who was grieving and who hated getting up in the morning.

Her goal was stated:

“I awaken each day and take three deep breaths, and picture in my mind one reason I am grateful to be alive. I feel peaceful as I greet the day.” 

If she is to act “as if,” she will be consistent in taking her three deep morning breaths, in picturing something she’s grateful for, and she will determinedly act peaceful. When an anxious thought comes to mind, she will push it out and fill her mind with thoughts that help her feel peaceful. She will dress and groom herself, reminding her reflection in the mirror, “I am feeling peaceful!”

In speaking with others, she will speak about the positive things happening in her life, and not focus at all on her anxiety.

She will greet those around her in a pleasant and peaceful manner, whether she actually feels peaceful or not! If the anxiety persists, she will do something that she knows will bring peace – take a walk; soak in a bath; visit with a friend, etc. The more she persists in acting peaceful, the more peaceful she will feel.

So, today, act “as if” – and you’ll be that much closer to reaching that goal!

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