Goal Setting – Find a partner!

The end of January is approaching, and the last tip for goal-setting (and the one that could really help you actually achieve your goals) is to be accountable.

What does that mean?

If you set a goal, and you’ve done all the other steps we’ve talked about, but nobody else knows you’re working toward that goal, it’s pretty easy when the going gets tough to just give up. Who’ll know, anyway?

But if, once you’ve set your goal, you find someone to share that goal with, and ask them to be your ‘accountability partner’, the whole game changes. No longer do you have an ‘out’ when you feel weary or overwhelmed. Instead, you have a cheerleader to encourage you, and to remind you why that goal was important to you in the first place. If you have someone that you report to who can celebrate with you for every bit of progress you make, it’s much easier to keep going on the days you’d like to give up.

So, enroll a friend to help you. Ask an associate. Call your mom. Just be sure it’s someone who believes in you and wants to encourage you as you pursue your dreams.

Because dreams are worth pursuing,

and a partner can make all the difference. 

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