Take Action Toward Your Goal!

I’ll finish up January with our last two tips on goal setting from Tiffany Peterson’s training. Today’s tip – take action!

Actually, was that news to you? Most likely not! Most of us know what we need to do to be healthier, happier, and more successful. Most of us don’t need a lot more knowledge. We just need to be willing to take action!

One problem we often face is feeling we need to be perfect. That one thing can stop our progress cold. If we’ll just accept that perfection isn’t necessary for progress, and allow ourselves to be vulnerable and make mistakes, we can start taking strides toward our dreams.

Tiffany issued the challenge to take 5 simple actions toward a goal you have. What is something you really want to accomplish, but haven’t been able to begin working on?

Write down 5 simple steps – one step can be as simple as listing what needs to be done –  and then take at least one step TODAY!

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