Sabbath Eve

This morning as we approached the table to eat breakfast, my mind was on my to-do list for the day – cleaning tasks to complete, people to contact, laundry to finish, a grandchild’s baseball game to attend…I was in my “go and get it done” mode.

Jay helped me into my chair, then sat down himself. As usual, he took my hand and began to pray.

He started by thanking God for the opportunity today to prepare for the Sabbath day, and thanked Him for the honor we will have tomorrow of partaking of the Sacrament and renewing our covenants with Him. He spoke of the blessing of family and thanked God for His hand in recent events in the lives of our children, evidence once again that He is a God of miracles and is aware of our needs and circumstances.

As soon as Jay began praying, my mind was pulled away from tasks and timetables and re-focused on promises I make each Sunday, and my heart was softened and humbled as I pictured myself sitting at church reaching for the Sacrament, knowing I have things to repent of before I do that.

Had it been my turn to pray, I have to admit that our day would likely have been a little different – at least mine would have been. Obviously Jay’s heart was already in a good place. I still did all my Saturday tasks, but that reminder that in addition to being Saturday it’s also a Sabbath eve somehow made the day different – and a little sweeter.

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