Your Sweet Spot During the Pandemic

Your Sweet Spot

I was reading in Max Lucado’s Cure for the Common Life, and read of something that Max was counseled to do one day when he was discouraged and feeling “hollow, robotic, and mechanical.” I thought that was a pretty apt description of what life can feel like when we are suddenly in a situation we never anticipated, and that we have absolutely no control over.

His friend suggested that Max “describe some occasions when you did something you love to do and did it well.”

Max was counseled to take a step back from his busy schedule, find a quiet place, and review his life, listing events when he had felt both satisfaction and success. These events, he was told, were his “sweet spots.” 

As Max did so, he saw a pattern emerging.  And when his friend later asked him, “What one word describes your sweet spot?”, Max was able to answer immediately: “Message.” He had felt his greatest satisfaction and success when studying, giving speeches, writing, and preparing lessons.

Not all of us have that specific gift. But each of us has some gift. It could be anything – cooking, designing things, creating beauty, speaking, writing, visiting and interacting with people and bringing cheer, working with numbers, teaching children, baking, organizing, or any of a thousand other things. You do have a gift  – and likely more than one.

When we are thrust into a situation that we have no control over, and there is no way to tell how long it will last or how different life may be after it is over (such as a pandemic,) we can begin to feel like not much matters. Life can become “hollow, robotic, and mechanical.”

When that is how we feel, it is time for each of us to find our own “sweet spots.”

Take a moment today and begin your list. When have you felt both satisfaction and success? What were you doing that produced those feelings? What do you enjoy doing that brings good to the world?

In the book, “Like Dragons Did They Fight”*, author and therapist Maurice Harker points out that we can feel uplifted and overcome darkness in our lives “by finding and doing things to include the power of our unique gifts and talents toward making the lives of others better.” He calls these things ‘Passion Projects,’ and his clients consistently gain confidence, increased self-mastery, and direction for their lives as they pursue them.

I know that our feelings can turn from “hollow, robotic, and mechanical” to feelings of accomplishment, satisfaction, and success, even during times of upheaval, when we begin doing those things that we have a gift for; those things that bring us joy and that bless the world. It has happened for me, and I believe it can happen for you.  

We all need to heal from turbulent times and the bewilderment and disorientation they bring. It just might be that finding your own sweet spot can be the turning point that will help you to find that healing. 

And that would be sweet indeed.

I can help you find your “sweet spot”. Schedule a free 30 minute consultation with me at

 Roslyn is a Certified Eternal Warriors Mentor and Life Coach.  

* For a free download of Like Dragons Did They Fight, go to: 

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