Valentines Day – and Grief

Posted On Monday, February 14th, 2011

Valentines Day – again?

I’ve spoken with so many people who dread this day after they’ve lost a loved one – and I agree – it can be such a hard day. The feelings of loss, depression, and grief can be overwhelming.

I lost my husband in 2006, and since that time I’ve had so many different feelings as Valentines Day has come and gone. I’ve heard from others what they do to make it through the day, and I thought I’d share two ideas:

1) Valentines Day comes from legends of several different Saints in antiquity that did good to those around them. Think of the day in that light this year – and think of something, even something small, that you can do in that spirit. Is there someone lonely in your neighborhood, at work, or in your circle of friends that you could call, take a card to, or visit?

2) Think of a gift for yourself! You are worth caring for – and if no one is around to do it for you, it can get forgotten. Don’t let that happen – do something to brighten your day. A seminar; a book; a new song or musical piece to learn; a lunch date with a friend; a cd of music to lift your heart; a massage; a new scarf or outfit; an hour of peace just for you; flowers for your table; just one thing to remind yourself that you have worth and you can make a difference in this world.

Remember – we’ve been commanded to love our neighbors as ourselves – * so take care of yourself!

With love on this Valentines Day,


* Luke 10:27

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