Why Grieve?

Why do we need to grieve? When we’ve been through so much, and it’s been so painful, why would we even consider going through the “grieving process” and possibly bringing even more pain into our lives?

Isn’t it enough that at least we are trying to make it through each day, and trying to take care of the bare necessities? Can’t we wait until things aren’t so challenging to try to address all the fallout from whatever it is that we’ve lost?

I have found – after first trying NOT to address that fallout – that avoiding working through the grieving process was a mistake, and that actually facing it head on was the best thing I could have done.

I got to a place where I was done being a victim. I was tired of everyone (including me) feeling sorry for me. I didn’t like the way I felt, and I didn’t like the thought of my future looking the same way for decades to come.

And finally, at that point, I knew I was ready. Whatever I had to go through, I was willing to begin the process of actually grieving all that I had lost, in the hopes that after I’d acknowledged, felt, and expressed all that pain, and then released it, there would be peace, and hope, and the confidence that I had lost along with the loss of my marriage and my husband.

Whatever you’ve lost, I promise you – it’s worth it to work through the grieving process. You can feel lighter, and freer, and more peaceful if you do what it takes to release the pain and the sorrow, and then invite in comfort, peace, and hopefulness in its place.

Listen to the podcast I presented on Sept 6, 2022, for Stay By The Tree Series, presented by the producers of the Mothers Who Know* program for some specific helps as you begin the work of releasing the grief and welcoming in the happiness you can have instead.


You can feel hope again! Believe it!


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