Because of Him

Because of Him

It’s Easter! Oh, Hosanna!

Every year, I rejoice on this day. 

I feel so much gratitude for the Savior, and for all that He was willing to go through for me – for all of us. I am grateful for the strength and hope He gives me each day as I strive to follow Him more closely.

Yesterday Jay and I walked through the “Light of the World” exhibit at Ashton Gardens at Thanksgiving Point. 

As we paused before the statue of Christ healing the leper, I felt the Savior’s love for the leper as His hand touched the man’s face. I could imagine the pleading in the leper’s heart as he reached out his arms towards Jesus, and I wondered, what must have been going through the leper’s mind. How long had he suffered with that painful disease? What gave him the faith and courage to approach Him and ask for healing? 

We walked on to the statue showing the woman reaching out to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment as He walked by. She had come to a place where He might be, hoping somehow to be healed of an infirmity that had plagued her for years. How much faith did it take for her to think that maybe that brief contact with Him could heal what no physician had been able to?

As I thought of the healing I am seeking from the Savior, I was filled with deep gratitude for the faith that I have – the complete confidence – that as He knew the leper, and as he knew the woman waiting for Him to pass by, He knows my challenges, and is aware of my desires, and is blessing me even now. 

Because of Him, I can be patient. 

Because of Him, I feel loved; I have hope; I have peace.


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