Seeking Light – With My Sisters

During the last hour of my Sunday church meetings, the women meet together in a sweet gathering of what is called The Relief Society. We call each other “Sister,” and as a group, we are trying to follow Christ’s example of service by bringing relief to the sisters around us. We open with a hymn and aContinue reading “Seeking Light – With My Sisters”

Want to Reach Your Goal? Act “As If”

Today we’ll discuss the fourth of the goal-setting tips from Tiffany Peterson. This tip to act “as if.” Behave in the way you would act if you were already in the position you hope to be in. Tiffany asks, “How would you talk, act, speak, think, dress, etc if you had already achieved your goal? We’ve beenContinue reading “Want to Reach Your Goal? Act “As If””

Take Action Toward Your Goal!

I’ll finish up January with our last two tips on goal setting from Tiffany Peterson’s training. Today’s tip – take action! Actually, was that news to you? Most likely not! Most of us know what we need to do to be healthier, happier, and more successful. Most of us don’t need a lot more knowledge.Continue reading “Take Action Toward Your Goal!”

Goal Setting – Find a partner!

The end of January is approaching, and the last tip for goal-setting (and the one that could really help you actually achieve your goals) is to be accountable. What does that mean? If you set a goal, and you’ve done all the other steps we’ve talked about, but nobody else knows you’re working toward that goal,Continue reading “Goal Setting – Find a partner!”

The Healing Power of Work

I read a great post by Ellen Gerst yesterday where she mentioned something Abraham Hicks had written, saying  “hard work is not the path to well being”, and that “feeling good” IS.  I have another perspective on that concept! I remember in the depths of my grief, when nothing seemed to help, having the thoughtContinue reading “The Healing Power of Work”